Trudan Headless

Trudan Headless is an exceptional hybrid sudangrass for most summer forage needs. It is best positioned and used for hay, haylage and grazing. Other limited uses include greenchop and as cover. Trudan Headless is finer stemmed and leafier than Sordan Headless. Regrowth is fast after cutting or grazing. It adapts well to and can tolerate high cutting frequencies and intensive grazing practices with proper management. Exceptional forage quality can be produced that is high in protein and TDN (total digestible nutrients). Prussic acid potential is low.

Key Benefits

  • Photoperiod SensitiveĀ (Headless)
  • Extended Harvest Window
  • Best for Hay, Haylage & Grazing
  • Tolerates High Cutting Frequencies
  • Adapts Well to Intensive Grazing
  • Fine Stemmed & Leafy

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