SP4105 can expand the window for usage because it will not head under most conditions. SP4105 continues to grow and maintain its nutrient value in the leaves and stem until it is chopped or grazed thus extending the time period for grazing or chopping. SP4105 is a versatile hybrid sorghum x sudangrass that can meet most summer forage needs and produces high quality forage for fast weight gain and/or increased milk production. This hybrid is best used for hay, haylage and greenchop. SP4105 has a good leaf to stem ratio that helps provide good quality with proper management.

Key Benefits

  • Photoperiod sensitive (headless) and BMR
  • Dual purpose: silage or hay
  • Extended harvest window
  • Best for hay, haylage, and greenchop
  • Good leaf-to-stem ratio
  • Provides good forage quality

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