FeedMaster is a fast growing, fine leafed hybrid with excellent palatability. This hybrid provides a high quality product that can be used for grazing, hay, cut & carry as well as silage. FeedMaster has a high leaf to stem ratio and has a quick regrowth, making it suitable for multiplecuttings. FeedMaster has above average Adjusted Digestible DM% and an average TDN.

Soil Fertility
Sorghum is best suited to fertile soils. Ensure potassium levels are adequate in acidic soils. Do not exceed 110kg/ha of nitrogen. An independent soil test is advised before sowing.

Forage Management
Avoid grazing or cutting sorghum below 15cm plant height. First grazing or cutting should be conducted at approximately 1 meter to increase plant productivity. Be aware of the risk of prussic acid (HCN) poisoning with forage sorghums. Risk is greatest when crops are < 60 cm high or are moisture stressed or frosted. Cut or graze when 60–120cm high to maintain best quality.

Sow seeds shallow into adequately moistened soil. Seeding rate for marginal dryland at 5–10kg/ha. For favourable dryland or irrigation, 10–20 kgs/ha and use highest rate for irrigation.

Key Attributes

  • Standability – Excellent
  • Palatability – Excellent
  • Digestibility – Excellent
  • Seedling Vigor – Very Good
  • Intensive Grazing – Very Good
  • Range grazing – Very Good
  • Hay production – Very Good
  • Brix level – sweetness – Low
  • Silage – Good
  • Planting – soil temp – 15° Minimum
  • Plant population – Dryland – 120-160,000
  • Plant population – Irrigation – 200,000
  • Seed size – 30,000/kg approx

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