Medium Maturity Hybrid Grain Sorghum

KS585 is a high yielding medium maturing grain hybrid. KS585 provides good yield stability over a wide range of conditions with favorable to more limited moisture. KS585 is well adapted for sorghum growing areas in the High Plains. This hybrid has better early growth in cooler soils than most grain sorghums. KS585 is medium height with good standability and excellent field uniformity. Good drought tolerance in the vegetative growth stage helps KS585 withstand stress better and provide more consistent performance. Very susceptible to Methyl Parathion and growth regulating herbicides.

Key Attributes

  • Excellent early growth in cooler soils
  • Consistent high yields
  • Widely adaptable: Great Plains — Midwest — south Texas
  • Excellent companion to NK5418
  • Good standability and uniformity
  • Very susceptible to methyl parathion and growth regulating herbicides

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