Arrow is a early maturity Grain Sorghum. Arrow has a semi-open head type and excellent hybrid vigor.

Average Days to Flower
Spring Planting 67-70 days
Summer Planting 61-67 days

Arrow displays medium lodging resistance and has an attractive red grain color. Arrow
adapts well across most environments and systems. It is suitable for both dryland and irrigated production.

Agronomy, Disease Resistance & Tolerance
Arrow has good disease resistances and a provisional midge rating of 4.

Dryland marginal: 30-50,000 Plant Population
Dryland good: 50-75,000 Plant Population
Irrigation: 90-140,000 Plant Population

Key Attributes

  • Excellent yield potential for maturity
  • Grain color – Red
  • Semi – open head type
  • Grain Size – medium large
  • Medium tillering habit
  • Maturity – early
  • Lodging resistance – medium
  • Provisional midge rating – 4
  • Disease resistance – good
  • Tolerant to stress across most environments

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