NK300 is best adapted for high quality dairy silage. NK300 is highly desirable due to low lignin content. Large grain heads and the high grain to forage ratio gives it the potential to produce high quality silage. NK300 is a
proven, dependable medium-early hybrid forage sorghum adapted in a wide range of growing conditions. This hybrid averages about 6′ to 7′ and has excellent standability throughout the growing season. Good stress
tolerance helps carry NK300 through stressful conditions. In some areas it is approved as a cover crop. NK300 is well adapted to narrow row production.

Key Benefits

  • Best for high quality silage
  • Low lignin content
  • High grain-to-forage ratio
  • Consistent tonnage under irrigation
  • 6′ to 7′ tall with excellent standability
  • Average stalk sweetness

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