SP 70B17

Medium-Full Maturity Hybrid Grain Sorghum

SP 70B17 is a medium-full bronze hybrid with excellent grain color and appearance. SP 70B17 is moderately resistant to the white sugarcane aphid (SCA) and is resistant to Down Mildew pathotypes 1, 3, and 6 as well as other leaf diseases experienced in Central and South Texas. SP 70B17 is well suited for Central and South Texas, Great Plains high yielding dryland and irrigated environments and also well suited for Northeast and West Central Mexico.

Key Attributes

  • High-yielding, medium-full hybrid
  • Bronze grain, excellent appearance, wide adaptation
  • Moderate sugarcane aphid tolerance
  • Well-suited for central and south Texas
  • Resistant to downy mildew pathotypes 1, 3, and 6

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