Medium Maturity Hybrid Grain Sorghum

NK6638 is a very high yielding medium maturing hybrid with bronze grain and excellent resistance to Downy Mildew Pathotypes 1, 3 and P6. NK6638 also has excellent resistance to anthracnose and is tolerant to MDMV and Head Smut! NK6638’s open head type, which aids fast dry down, uniform appearance, good standability, and easy threshability facilitate an easy and efficient harvest. NK6638 is an excellent hybrid for the high humidity environments of the Eastern U.S. NK6638’s brilliant bronze grain color will get the attention of your neighbors throughout the late summer and early fall.

Key Attributes

  • Downy mildew resistance: pathotypes 1,3, and P6
  • Excellent anthracnose resistance
  • High yield potential
  • Good standability
  • Open head for fast drydown
  • Bronze seed color

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