S&W offers the largest and most diverse offering of alfalfa seed varieties


Fast growing and high yielding hybrid sorghum varieties by S&W offer farmers unparalleled performance


Proven top performing hybrid sunflower varieties to meet grower expectations around the world


Enhanced flavor profiles coupled with improved mechanical harvesting capabilities allow S&W’s stevia varieties to rise above the rest

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world’s preferred proprietary seed company which supplies a range of forage, grain and specialty crop products that supports the growing global demand for animal proteins and healthier consumer diets.

Innovation through Science

Our alfalfa breeding program is continuously driving improvements in our germplasm to create better performing varieties for our customers.

Through both classical breeding and biotechnology initiatives,we are committed to offering the largest and most diverse platform of traits available in the world.

Our Commitment to Agriculture

“S&W is committed to developing best in class trait varieties across a platform of forage and specialty crop products that meet the needs of the men and women that work so hard every day to feed a burgeoning global population. We are committed to develop varieties that improve yields, not only on good soil conditions, but in highly saline and drought stricken regions. We are committed to ensuring that our products are resistant to diseases and insects that pose farmers problems, while ensuring enhanced digestibility for livestock providers. Where appropriate, we are committed to developing crops that are resistant to certain herbicides allowing farmers to enhance their overall productivity. Ultimately, we are committed to the success of agriculture–across all of its spectrums—which is the backbone for which all of us depend upon so dearly each and every day.”

Mark Wong
Chief Executive Officer of S&W Seed Company

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