Medium-Full Maturity Hybrid Grain Sorghum

K73-J6 has exceptional staygreen for late season standability. K73-J6 is a medium-full maturity hybrid for irrigation on the High Plains. K73-J6 is well adapted for the favorable dryland areas in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. K73-J6 has excellent standability. K73-J6 is similar in maturity to KS735 with a more stable bloom date. This hybrid moves south to north better than most hybrids. It also has an excellent disease and insect package. K73-J6 is not extremely tall, but remember, to keep height down in fuller season hybrids plant earlier in the planting window.

Key Attributes

  • Excellent yield potential
  • Excellent staygreen
  • Excellent disease resistance: downy mildew pathotypes 1, 3, and P6
  • Excellent standability
  • Biotypes “C” and “E” greenbug resistance
  • Well-adapted for irrigation and favorable┬ádryland

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