SW9215RRS with Roundup Ready® Alfalfa Technology is an excellent choice for forage production. It tolerates saline soil, has exceptional stand persistence, and is well suited for regions desiring FD9.

Originally developed from SW9215 to allow use of the Roundup® herbicide, SW9215RRS with Roundup Ready® Alfalfa Technology is a population improvement for yield and performance. It maintains the excellent performance of SW9215 and outstanding salt tolerance.

Key Advantages

  • Excellent field appearance, stand longevity and adaptation to many environments.
  • Dormancy 9 with outstanding yields in areas irrigated with EC15 water.
  • Resistant to root rot fungi that are present in California soils.

Major Pest Resistance

  • Fusarium Wilt – Resistant
  • Phytophthora Root Rot – Highly Resistant
  • Aphanomyces Race 1 – Moderately Resistant
  • Verticillium Wilt – Moderately Resistant
  • Spotted Alfalfa Aphid – Resistant
  • Pea Aphid – Highly Resistant
  • Blue Alfalfa Aphid – Resistant
  • Bacterial Wilt – Moderately Resistant
  • Stem Nematode – Resistant
  • Anthracnose – Susceptible

Alfalfa Growers who choose Roundup Ready® technology are required to sign a Monsanto Technology Stewardship and Use Agreement (MTSA).

Click here to sign up for your MTSA so that you are eligible to purchase SW9215RRS with Roundup Ready ® technology.

For more MTSA signup  information and options:

Download AgCelerate Grower Guide

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Or request a paper copy by emailing AgCelerate at support@agcelerate.com. Be sure to specify that you need the Monsanto Technology Agreement, as they manage agreements for other companies/technologies as well.

Alfalfa Growers who choose Roundup Ready® technology are required to review stewardship principles.

Click below for Stewardship and Agronomic Management of Roundup Ready technology in alfalfa:

Alfalfa Weed Management Tips and Herbicide Options for Weed Control in Alfalfa

Managing Roundup Ready Alfalfa

Proactive Weed Management

Excerpts of Monsanto’s Technology Use Guide specific to alfalfa with Roundup Ready technology.

Full version of Monsanto’s Technology Use Guide (all crops).

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