• SW5210 is a high performance conventional cultivar
  • SW5210 has excellent forage production
  • SW5210 is resistant to multiple races of Aphanomyces
  • SW5210 is highly resistant to wilts
  • SW5210 is highly resistant to Stem Nematode
  • SW5210 has high forage production
  • SW5210 is highly suited to variable soils with its strong resistance to root rots

Origin and Breeding 

  • SW5210 is a winter hardy variety with strong yield performance and very good forage quality.
  • SW5210 brings a strong disease and pest resistance package for good defense in protecting its high yield potential

Agronomic Characteristics

  • Highly resistant to root rots, wilts, and stem nematode extend the range of adaptation of this fall dormancy five variety to all regions that a dormant can be grown around the world.
  • This widely adapted variety also has excellent forage quality and is very winter hardy.

Disease and Pest Resistant Characteristics

  • Lodging Tolerance: 5
  • DRI – Disease Resistance Index: 35
  • Anthracnose: HR
  • Phytopthora Root Rot: HR
  • Aphanomyces (race 1): HR
  • Aphanomyces (race 2): HR
  • BacWilt: HR
  • FusWilt: HR
  • VertWilt: HR
  • Pea Aphid: HR
  • Spotted Aphid: R
  • Stem Nematode: HR

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