Adapted to areas in the Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valley of California where varieties with Fall dormancy ratings 7 and 8 are grown. SW7410 performed very well at the University of California variety trials at Kearney, Parlier Ag Center and topped the Davis trial of 31 varieties the past two years. It has excellent stand persistence after one very wet winter and another very cold winter.

Key Advantages

  • Very high yielding, persistent, Dormancy Group 7 variety. Highest average yielding alfalfa in the 1997 to 1999 UC Forage Trials of 32 varieties at UC Davis and still in top yield group at UC Davis from 2007 – 2009 in 45 entry trial.
  • SW 7410 has the hay quality of Dormancy Group 7 and the yield of a Group 9 variety.
  • Versatile variety for hay producers and dairymen from the Sacramento Valley to Tulare and Kings counties of California.
  • In the 4 trials over 12 years, SW 7410 has out-produced CUF 101 from UC Davis to Tulare County by an average of 12.2%.
  • Large leaves and short internodes; excellent dairy hay.

Major Pest Resistance

  • Bacterial Wilt – Resistant
  • Fusarium Wilt – Highly Resistant
  • Phytophthora Root Rot – Resistance
  • Spotted Alfalfa Aphid – Highly Resistant
  • Pea Aphid – Resistant
  • Blue Alfalfa Aphid – Resistant
  • Southern Root Knot Nematode – Resistant
  • Stem Nematode – Moderately Resistant
  • Anthracnose – Moderately Resistant

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