Variety SW201 exhibits an improved leaf taste profile that is well suited for producing fresh and dry leaf stevia, as well as the home gardening customer.

SW201 not only has a sweet taste with very little bitterness and aftertaste, but exhibited more Reb-A, less stevioside, more total steviol glycosides, a higher Reb-A to stevioside ratio, and a higher percentage of Reb-A to total steviol glycosides compared to the comparison samples from common varieties. An additional benefit for North American farmer is that SW201 has superior overwintering and greater growth and later flowering in comparison to the majority of the plant population from which the line was derived.

SW201 is believed to be the world’s first stevia variety that was specifically bred for consumption as fresh and dried leaf. SW201 is the subject of the second patent filed by S&W for a unique stevia plant variety.

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