Chomper is a fast growing, fine leafed hybrid with excellent palatability. This hybrid provides a high quality product that can be used for grazing, hay, cut & carry as well as silage. Chomper has a high leaf to stem ratio and has a quick regrowth, making it suitable for multiple cuttings.

Soil Fertility
Sorghum is best suited to fertile soils. Ensure potassium levels are adequate in acidic soils. Do not exceed 110kg/ha of nitrogen. An independent soil test is advised before sowing.

Forage Management
Avoid grazing or cutting sorghum below 15cm plant height. First grazing or cutting should be conducted at approximately 1 metre to increase plant productivity. Be aware of the risk of prussic acid (HCN) poisoning with forage sorghums. Risk is greatest when crops are < 60 cm high or are
moisture stressed or frosted. Cut or graze when 60–120cm high to maintain best quality.

Sow seeds shallow into adequately moistened soil.

Key Attributes

  • Standability – Excellent
  • Palatability – Excellent
  • Digestibility – Excellent
  • Seedling Vigor – Very Good
  • Intensive Grazing – Very Good
  • Range grazing – Very Good
  • Hay production – Very Good
  • Brix level – sweetness – Low
  • Silage – Good
  • Planting – soil temp 15° Minimum
  • Plant population – Dryland – 120-160,000
  • Plant population – Irrigation – 200,000
  • Seed size – 30,000/kg approx

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