We believe stevia extracts (such as Reb A) and stevia leaf itself are positioned to become leading high-intensity sweeteners as a result of their appealing profile


Zero calories

100% all natural

Stable under heat and thus can be utilized in baked goods and processed foods

200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar

Measures zero on the glycemic index, which is important in the diabetic market and benefits from a growing consumer understanding of the value of a low glycemic diet


As an all-natural product, stevia is an increasingly popular alternative to sugar and chemical sweeteners. Three hundred (300) times sweeter than sugar, Reb A, one of the naturally occurring sweetness component in stevia, has no calories, no carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index.

As a result of its plant breeding program, Stevia California can now offer unique and improved stevia varieties to those growers and processors seeking to improve their operations. Employing a classical breeding approach, our 5-year old program has been able to selectively
breed unique lines of stevia offering the advantageous for both those
companies growing and processing stevia.

Processors and refiners of stevia can benefit when their growers are
providing high quality stevia leaf. By selecting and specifying the plant
material, processors are better assured of a consistent raw material
enhancing their factories’ throughput. Growers benefit from having
plants that produce a large amount of material, are disease resistant,
are high in specific rebaudiosides being sought, and also possessing
other positive attributes.

Our customers can also contract with us to provide additional plant
refinements for more specific attributes such as selection for a geographic
growing area, tailored for length of day to avoid early flowering, as one
example. Customers seeking enhanced plant production of a specific
rebaudioside can have their needs fulfilled. These contracts can be carried
out on an ongoing basis meaning that stevia producers may ‘outsource’
their plant breeding to our company.