Rhino Alfalfa has Proven Yields

Across 34 unbiased university yield trails, Rhino averages 103% of all varieties in the tests. We are not just comparing the tests where Rhino did well, but all the tests where it was entered. Good research based data is your best aid for decision making, so compare Rhino to other varieties. Upon request we will send you all 34 University tests where Rhino has been entered.

Rhino Alfalfa is Tough
Rhino is for use in short to long rotations where yield and a stand you can count on is important. You decide when to take it out, not Mother Nature.

Approved by the National alfalfa review board.

Variety Dormancy Bacteria Wilt Verticillium Wilt Fusarium Wilt Antherac Phytophthora Root Rot Spotted Aphid Pea Aphid Blue Aphid Stem Nematode Southern Root Knot Nematode Aphanomyces

HR: Highly Resistant
R: Resistant
MR: Moderately Resistant
LR: Low Resistance
S: Susceptible
– : Insufficient Data

1-9, with 1 being most dormant and 9 being least dormant

Rhino 3 HR R R R R HR R R