Use Runner for rotational grazing or hay production in a 2 cut management system.

Runner is an excellent variety for grazing because of its ability to persist by renewing itself. Standard alfalfa, even those bred for grazing, generally do not last long under grazing conditions.

Runner creeping alfalfa spreads best under these situations: when there is little stress from insects and competition from weeds is low; when stands start to thin allow Runner to go into full bloom for long periods in the fall the plants will build up their root reserves and form buds for new plants to develop.

Approved by the National alfalfa review board.

Variety Dormancy Bacteria Wilt Verticillium Wilt Fusarium Wilt Antherac Phytophthora Root Rot Spotted Aphid Pea Aphid Blue Aphid Stem Nematode Southern Root Knot Nematode Aphanomyces

HR: Highly Resistant
R: Resistant
MR: Moderately Resistant
LR: Low Resistance
S: Susceptible
– : Insufficient Data

1-9, with 1 being most dormant and 9 being least dormant

Runner 2 R R R