For more than 35 years, S&W Seed Company has bred alfalfa seed of the highest quality with superior genetic traits, the unique ability to grow in challenging soil conditions and to generate outstanding crop yield. Our specialty is high-yield, non-dormant alfalfa varieties focused on maximizing profit per acre for the farmer, regardless of soil and water salinity.

Alfalfa seed is primarily used for growing animal feed, which is generically referred to as “forage.” Seed is planted to produce alfalfa that is then used for grazing, “greenchop” (fresh alfalfa cut in the field without drying), silage, baled hay, cubes or pellets as a primary food stock for the livestock industry, which includes dairy and beef cattle, horses and sheep.

The climate in the western U.S., where a majority of the company’s production is located, is ideally suited for high-quality alfalfa seed production.